Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From the ground up

8/28/12 Day 2 - The footers are poured

9/3/12 Day 6 - The basement is going up (it rained for 3 days so they weren't able to work)

The lot even comes with a clothes line!

The dead looking tree in the middle is going to be taken out.

We currently live 6 blocks from where we are building.I captured this beautiful sunflower on the walk home.

9/6/12 Day 9 - The first floor was built and the basement framed.

9/7/12 Day 10 - First floor walls and porch

9/12/12 Day 13- Roof and first floor interior framing

View from our kitchen window

View from where our back deck will be

Dinning room and half bathroom

Kitchen and door to the deck

Living room

Basement and where the stairs will be

Master bedroom 

9/16/12 Day 21 - Dormer, Shingles, and the first time we went upstairs by ladder of course.

9/20/12 Day 25 - Insulation, stairs, electric, plumbing, and basement cement poured

Basement stair not in yet because the basement cement was poured today.

Master Bedroom

Siding on the dormer

9/26/12 Day 31 - Porch and Deck Woohoo!

10/4/12 Day 39 - Interior Paint, Stain, and Trim

10/10/12 Day 45 - Bamboo Floors, Fixtures, Electric, and Tile

Upstairs hallway bathroom tile

Master shower prior to tile application

One of the upstairs bedrooms

2nd upstairs bedroom

Bamboo floors

Dining room

Part of the Kitchen and Living room

10/15/12 Day 50 - The backyard has been graded and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the deck!

As I stated earlier, we like to walk to the new house since it is so close to where we are currently living. On this walk we decided to take our roommates dog, Charles the Dog Barkley with us.

Check out their view of Carter Mountain WOW!

Broocks loved that this squirrel had half a biscuit in it's mouth.

10/17/12 Day 52 -Walk way, plants, cabinets, and lots of delivered items

Broocks' door finally came in...he was happy to get rid of the one with windows.

 10/31/12 Day 66- Carpet, appliances, and more. Getting closer!

Half Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Closet

Master Bedroom Bathroom

Stairs before the carpet was layed

Upstairs bedroom walk-in closet

Upstairs Bedroom

Second Upstairs Bedroom

Upstairs Hallway

Upstairs Bathroom

Basement stairs

Laundry Room

Broocks' Man-cave

We have GRASS!

 11/5-7/12 Day 71-73- Sidewalk, Driveway, Certificate of Occupancy and Appraisal :)

Keys in Hand
 11/29/12- We finally closed on our house 2 weeks after our original closing date. Such an exciting experience. Once we get all settled in I will post inside and out image. Cheers!